SCMM Newsletter - April 2011

The April 2011 Newsletter is now available!


• Miniacs Take Aim At Oaktree Gun Club

• Mojave Mile & Twilight at Streets of Willow

• Walking the Streets of Bakersfield

• D.I.Y. Day at Motoring Magic

• M.O.A.T (Mother of All Twisties)

• Devil’s Backbone II Update

…and so much MORE!

One Response to “April 2011 Newsletter…”
  1. Cyndi Tabita says:

    i would love to show up & meet this club.
    I’m not a big partier and I want to know if this club is…
    I love fast driving and fun mini’s so interested in what this is all about.
    I love Seal Beach & see you meet for breakfast but where do you drive around, it’s all about the mini’s now, isn’t it?
    ~ Silver Bullet

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