Don’t Miss The Enderle Car Show In June!
SCMM Invades Mission Tiki Drive-In 7-11-9

Save the date Saturday July 11th to see Transformers 2 – Revenge Of The Fallen! Date: July 11th ~ 2009 […]


Well, now that the ice cream has settled down and the credit cards cooled off, let me give my view […]

SCMM Featured on KNBC’s “Whipnotic”…

On January 12th, 2008 SCMM celebrated it’s 5th anniversary in the usual fashion by holding a huge birthday bash at […]

Maniacs’ Generosity Shines Bright At Marine Corps Training Center

“These generous contributions have enabled us to help fulfill the Christmas dreams of our nation’s neediest children.” — the Marine […]

SCMM 5th Anniversary at Santa Anita

As I said early this week, I did attend a MINI Event with the club. This time it was for […]

From The NewsLetter: SCMM Members Dazzled By The Shine Of Adam’s Polishes…

Publisher’s Note: This is the first in an ongoing series of excerpts from the SCMM Monthly Newsletter. If you are […]