mini toyFound this one over at Fireball Tim’s blog shortly after the Ridemakerz/MINIUSA press release went up.

Woo Hoo!!! It’s TOY TIME! Check out the coolest RC MINI on the planet! Get it fast, ’cause like all Fireballed Cars, it’s a LIMITED EDITION!

Hey,…. I better get one, too! Only from RIDEMAKERZ!

Wow! Very cool. You can get this one, or build one of your own, over at

2 Responses to “Check out the New MINI!”
  1. Lexster05 says:

    Wow… notice that it is a chili red!! It’s gotta be fast.

  2. astrochex says:

    I bought one for my son, even if it is red. Blue is the real base color for Shockwave!

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