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When we’re not driving our MINI, then we’re most likely washing it. It seems owning a MINI can bring out the obsessive behavior in anyone. Fortunately for us, there are people out there ready to feed our obsession, like the folks at Adam’s Polishes.

SCMM’s recent Detail Day was sponsored by Adam’s. For many members it was their first time trying the brand, which can’t be found in the average automotive retailstore. Their products are sold through local dealers and from their online store. Sales Director Heather Reynolds explained the reason.

“The cost to make our products is what you find to be retail pricing in your average auto parts locations. We don’t want to become part of the wall of confusion ‘ as we call it,” she said. “We prefer to keep with the auto enthusiast who gives that little extra something to their detailing.”

Our detail day began like most SCMM events do, with breakfast. Since we were going to be at a location in Corona, SCMM Vice President and Corona resident Craig DeGarmo suggested a couple of breakfast spots that were nextdoor to each other — IHOP and the Lucky Greek. Most of us chose the latter, and to our surprise, the Lucky Greek offers a pretty decent bacon-and-eggs meal for $3.95. It was just a short drive from breakfast to Airhead Kustoms, a custom paint and graphics shop that let us use their building for the day. This is a place that creates wild graphics and airbrush designs on high-end custom showcars. When we arrived it looked like we’d be detailing our cars outdoors, but they made some room in the building and we managed to squeeze 24 MINIs inside!

Reynolds gathered everyone around a table full of various bottles and jars with names like Buttery Wax, Revive Polish and Brilliant Spray Glaze. She explained the steps we’d be taking, what each product was for, and how to apply them. It wasn’t long before the shop was a beehive of activity with people moving about their MINI with microfiber towels over their shoulder, detail spray in one hand and a lump of clay in the other.

After claying the car to remove any surface contaminants, it was on to the swirl and haze remover, polish, wax, and finally the mirror glaze. “I’m very tired, but the result is just amazing,” said member Emy Cho, who was planning to spend at least four hours to complete the process. She’s been using Adam’s products for over a year now. “I like it. It’s very easy to use.”

Headquartered in Torrance, Adam’s Polishes have been in business since 2000. SCMM members would not know about Adam’s today if it wasn’t for a club event back in September 2005, when Tavis Dahlke walked up to an Adam’s booth and watched a demonstration. “At the Cruisin’ for a Cure car show in Orange County, I took a chance and bought the Adam’s detail/car wash kit,” recalled Dahlke. “I never heard of this stuff, but the demo looked good.”

Adams Detail Day 2007 - Photo 2

That was in September, but it wasn’t until the following April that Dahlke eventually tried the products. “Holy crap!” reported Dahlke in 2006 after his first time using the polish and wax. “The body looks wet all the time and the paint is smooth and slick as wet glass!”

Once the word got out, a couple of other SCMM members gave it try and liked it, and eventually it led to Adam’s putting on this detail clinic at Airhead Kustoms for us. “I have to say that Adam’s, led by Heather, provided us with a great clinic,” said SCMM President Lex Adams. “It was loose, it was sociable, we learned a lot, and we bonded with other Maniacs as well as with our MINIs.”

Much thanks to Craig DeGarmo for providing directions and suggestions for breakfast and lunch. And special recognition has to go Tavis Dahlke. His love and endorsement for Adam’s sparked the interest to do something with them.”

Content and Photos By: George Marsh

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