Legal Disclaimer

The Southern California MINI Maniacs (hereafter referred to as SCMM or simply "the club") is a private organization.

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Privacy Policy

Personal Information
SCMM collects personal information when you sign up for membership. We do not or will not sell your information or give your information to any 3rd party vendor or service provider. The information that you provide will be accessible by authorized Officers of SCMM for the purpose running the day-to-day business of the club.

Email, Cookies & Message Board
Some portions of the club's websites utilize cookies to enhance and simplify your browsing experience.

Automated Mailings
Joining SCMM automatically signs you up to receive the club newsletter via email. You can request not to receive the newsletter if you wish. Keep in mind that by not receiving the newsletter you will not receive updates on Club events, specials and group buys and other Club news.

Message Board
SCMM also maintains a members only message board. You are required to provide an email address upon signing up for the message board. The message board has private message and email capabilities. If you do not wish to receive email notifications or private messages, please contact the club president or any other officer for assistance.

SCMM utilizes PayPal to handle it's online transactions. You can read their privacy policy here.

Privacy Problems
We are as concerned about privacy as your are! We don't like getting spam any more than the next person. If, at any time, you think that your information has fallen into the hands of evil bad guys, aliens, telemarketers, spam email senders, robots, used car sales people, the creepy old guy from the Magic Mountain commercial, Super Dave Osborne or any vendors of MINI parts, supplies or services please contact us immediately!