• I’ll be up and at em by 7:30. I need to make some runs mid day so early works for me as well. You name the time within those parameters.  My phone is 323-896-7465. This forum is not the quickest way for me to communicate – frankly a pain in the boot – as I am on set all day or if not running around getting things done. Text is best – I can get…[Read more]

  • I also have roof rails –  I paid a couple hundred for them – but they do me no good now! You’d have to lose the rear spoiler to put them on…. if you were going for a rally car they are quite handy.

  • Hi! We had a simply brutal week at work – sorry for the delay in responding.

    Yes everything will fit in a clubman. Trim pieces, the scoop, paint, the wheel well kit, Mini specific hardware … I can be available next Saturday – would that work? I might find more by then. I’m redoing a bunch of things here at my apartment – all at the same time.…[Read more]

  • I have miscellaneous parts for a 2012 JCW Clubman. Midnight black touch up paint. A custom working hood scoop. Trim etc. Wheel well kit.  My ride was totaled and it pains me to see this stuff sitting. I am in the Silverlake area. Come and get it any early evening.