Scott Miles

  • George,

    Thanks so much for the feedback. I’m going with 215/45 R 17 size and that should work fine. I will transition to conventional tires instead of run-flats since my research indicated a number of issues with run-flats. I have found the run-flats wear quickly, and both times I got a flat the tires could not be repaired and had to be replaced.…[Read more]

  • Hi,

    I did a lot of research about switching from run-flat tires on my 2014 Mini Cooper Roadster S to conventional tires. Seem to be lots of advantages to conventional. My run-flats wear quickly and when I’ve gotten flats they could not be repaired.

    Also, I plan to stay with 205/45 R 17 tires unless there is support for 225/45.

    Any…[Read more]

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