• Kevin Cimarusti posted an update 3 years, 1 month ago

    Maybe someone can help ???

    I am a new member, and have had a chance to meet some of you.

    I have traveled to Malibu, to Oxnard and locally to Long Beach, but would like to know if there is a group of members from SCMM that meet in Orange County.

    When I went to the Long Beach meeting area at Ruby’s Diner, I met Carl who has been showing up at Ruby’s the last few months…nobody else. There were a total of 3 of us that day…so what’s up ?

    When I joined, Memo told me that the club meets at Ruby’s on the THIRD Saturday, but the club calendar states that it is on the FOURTH Saturday…so what’s up.

    How about some of the southern Cars N Coffee gatherings ? Does anyone attend San Clemente or even the Orange County Fairgrounds.

    I sure would like to meet more members, especially those in the north Orange County area, and maybe have some small events in the area as well.

    Until next time, Cheers

    Kevin Cimarusti